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SPC Innovation Award Announcement

Date October 2021 • in Press Release

AFC Policarta/Packaging

7 October 2021 - We are pleased and excited to announce the acceptance of SPC Innovation Award in Food Waste Prevention for our NOW No Waste Technology for fresh produce. Our NOW No Waste Technology is certified recyclable as tested by Sistema Aticelca 501-19 and the Western Michigan University OCC-E Recyclability Test protocol.

We know that you work hard to provide fresh, healthy produce to your customers. To do that, you need packaging that will flow wrap efficiently, protect your product, and not have a negative environmental impact. The problem is words like sustainable, compostable, and recyclable are often misused, leaving customers and producers confused about their real environmental footprint. We believe you shouldn’t be forced to choose between safety, efficiency, quality, and true sustainability. We understand that it should be about the ethics of food and the environment.

When asked about the impact of Policarta NOW No Waste Technology Paul Smith, Head of Global Packaging, stated, “this confirms that it is not only possible to package effectively with our NOW Plastic Free Paper—reducing waste through 100% recyclability—but also that food waste can be dramatically reduced as well. This is a win-win for the planet.”

Chris Lewis, President of AFC, shared that “The recognition of this innovation by SPC speaks volumes to the dedication of everyone in the Policarta Family, with a special nod to the innovative team at Policarta.”

Stefano Giusti, VP of Global Packaging, said “Our customers have been waiting for the ideal produce package to come along. We support so many organic and local farmers and know that supermarkets and larger packers can serve their customers with NOW Plastic Free with complete sustainability and no negative impact to food quality.”

Mike Baker, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, added “The positive impacts are massive. The recognition from SPC for this innovation is not for us, but for our collaborators and customers. We want to work with anyone who is driven to a sustainable future for packaging. This is just one more way we can make every one of our customers the hero of their story.”

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