The flexible packaging industry is one of the oldest and most established applications for PTFE coated fabrics and tapes. AFC's products are excellent for use in Plastic Bag Manufacturing, Form Fill and Seal Machines, Side Sealers, Shrink Wrap Tunnels, and Impulse/L-Bar Sealers. We have engineered our products for trouble-free performance to minimize downtime and increase productivity.

We work with leading packaging companies that are frustrated with excessive downtime caused by the need to replace tapes and fabrics, and companies that are tired of belting inconsistencies.

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DuraFab® Industrial Fabrics

DuraFab® Industrial Fabrics are the general workhorse of AFC’s product line. The 20 series fabric is engineered to serve a broad range of industrial and...more

DuraFab® Mechanical Fabrics

DuraFab® Mechanical Fabrics feature a more textured surface than DuraFab®’s 20 Series Industrial Fabrics. The 22 series of fabric has been engineered to be...more

DuraFab® Advanced Fabrics

DuraFab® Advanced Fabrics couple a premium top coat with the balance of heat transfer, release, and flexibility found in the 20 Series. It contains AFC’s...more

DuraFab® Premium Fabrics

DuraFab® Premium Fabrics are made for the most demanding applications, and utilize multiple coatings of a premium top coat to ensure maximum performance. This leads...more

DuraFab® Tear Resistant Fabrics

DuraFab® Tear Resistant Fabrics are specially manufactured to increase overall flexibility and tear resistance, making them extremely durable in any high-speed application. The fabric is...more

DurEtech™ Hybrid Composite Fabrics

AFC’s DurEtech™ Hybrid Composites are revolutionary composite alloys that exhibit unrivaled performance in any high speed or abrasive application. The 75 series is combined with...more

DuraSil® Silicone Fabrics

DuraSil® Silicone Fabrics are our most conformable, flexible, and wear resistant products. They are coated on one or both sides of the fabric with silicone...more

DuraLam® High-Performance Fabrics

DuraLam® High-Performance Fabrics are a gold laminate with PTFE coating that are excellent for the most demanding applications. This fabric is resistant to oils, grease...more

DuraStick® Industrial Zone Tapes

DuraStick® Industrial Zone Tapes (120 series) are manufactured from a woven fiberglass substrate and possess an optimal PTFE coating. Our Zone Tape has an adhesive...more

DuraStick® Industrial Tapes

DuraStick® Industrial Tapes (220 series) are manufactured from a woven fiberglass substrate and possess an optimal PTFE coating. This series offers the highest value to...more

DuraStick® Gold Laminate Tapes

DuraStick® Gold Tapes (225 series) are specially engineered to maximize application life while minimizing downtime in the most demanding environments. The 225 series of tape...more

DuraStick® Premium Industrial Tapes

DuraStick® Premium Industrial Tapes (260 series) combine the performance features of the 220 series with an enhanced coating. This smooth, glossy finish provides superior release...more

DuraStick® Hybrid Composite Tapes

DuraStick® Hybrid Composite Tapes (275 series) offer exceptional performance at faster production speeds. The hybrid composite design allows for lower energy consumption due to its...more

DuraStick® Silicone Sponge Tape

DuraStick® Silicone Sponge Tape is manufactured through applying a specially formulated acrylic adhesive to a high temperature, fiberglass reinforced silicone sponge. The silicone sponge is...more