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AFC has been providing industries around the world with cost-effective solutions to help its business partners keep production moving. AFC's industrial operations focus on the design and manufacturing of PTFE and Silicone coated products. This includes an extensive line of fabrics, belting, and pressure sensitive adhesive tapes for use in diverse industrial applications worldwide. Our Specialty Belting Division concentrates on heat sealers, belt accessories, specialty belting, and highly engineered products.

Wind Energy & Composite Bonding

AFC materials are an effective solution for releasing composite parts. They reduce maintenance costs and down time related to the resurfacing and repair of damaged...…more

Can Manufacturing

In the steel and aluminum can industry, AFC has partnered with customers to develop solutions that increase efficiency, lower energy costs, and reduce spoilage. High...…more

Carpeting & Flooring

PTFE belts are used to apply synthetic rubber backing to carpeting. AFC has engineered products specifically for the carpet industry. AFC's PTFE conveyor belts convey...…more

Chemical Processing

The chemical resistant properties of PTFE make it ideal for the chemical processing industry. The unique combination of PTFE and a fiberglass backing makes it...…more


The electronics industry utilizes AFC's fabrics and tapes in a wide range of applications. The unique properties of PTFE coated fabrics and tapes, such as...…more

Food Processing

AFC's coated fabrics and belting are widely used in the food processing industry. These products perform consistently in high temperature, oily, and abrasive environments. Our...…more

Packaging Industry

The flexible packaging industry is one of the oldest and most established applications for PTFE coated fabrics and tapes. AFC's products are excellent for use...…more


The plastics industry has seen AFC's PTFE products become widely accepted as a material handling aid. AFC's fabrics are used primarily as a release medium...…more

Screen Printing

Screen Printing and the Graphic Arts industry represents a large market that AFC has consistently served. By partnering with leading companies in the screen printing...…more

Textile & Nonwovens

Within the Textile and Nonwovens industry, AFC's fabrics and belting are utilized as a process aid in various applications. The high temperature resistivity, long lasting...…more

Vinyl Window

Using the right release material is critical for vinyl window manufacturing. PTFE-coated weld paper (fabric and tape) protects window profiles from platen damage. AFC’s latest...…more


Interested in learning how AFC's products can help your business? Download our Product Application Guide, or contact our team today to find the best...…more