The chemical resistant properties of PTFE make it ideal for the chemical processing industry. The unique combination of PTFE and a fiberglass backing makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. Some of these applications include conveying chemically corrosive materials, duct/pipe insulation, and contaminant barriers. The non-stick properties of PTFE also make it ideal for any application with a non-stick requirement.

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DuraFab® Industrial Fabrics

DuraFab® Industrial Fabrics are the general workhorse of AFC’s product line. The 20 series fabric is engineered to serve a broad range of industrial and...more

DuraFab® Premium Fabrics

DuraFab® Premium Fabrics are made for the most demanding applications, and utilize multiple coatings of a premium top coat to ensure maximum performance. This leads...more

DuraSil® Silicone Fabrics

DuraSil® Silicone Fabrics are our most conformable, flexible, and wear resistant products. They are coated on one or both sides of the fabric with silicone...more

DuraFlow® Mesh Fabrics

DuraFlow® Mesh Fabrics are known for their exceptional performance in a wide variety of applications. Our proprietary coating formula has created a mesh that is...more

DuraStick® Skived PTFE Film Tapes

DuraStick® Skived PTFE Film Tapes is a pure PTFE film with a silicone adhesive on one side. This tape has the highest elongation and is...more

DuraStick® Extruded PTFE Film Tapes

DuraStick® Extruded PTFE Film Tape is the toughest pure PTFE tape produced by AFC. This tape possesses high dielectric and tensile strength with low elongation...more