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All of AFC's belting have various edging and tracking options to chose from. Both edging and tracking can be placed on one or both sides of the belt.


Belts from AFC can be manufactured to contain an edge reinforcement that serves multiple purposes. The presence of an edge reinforcement reduces fraying and damage to the belt, as well as provides support for any tracking mechanisms that are placed on the belt. The edge reinforcement is made of a sewn & sealed fabric or film edge.

Edge Reinforcement Options: Fiberglass, PTFE film, Kevlar, Custom/None

Guiding & Tracking

Belts from AFC can also be manufactured with various tracking mechanisms to guide belts on machines. There are two options for tracking mechanisms. The first is a silicone guide strip that is sewn along the edging of the belt. The second tracking mechanism is dots/snaps, also placed along the edging of the belt. Various options for both tracking mechanisms exist. Consult AFC to determine the proper tracking mechanism for your operation.

Guiding & Tracking Options: Dot Edge, Silicone, Grommets (fasteners only), Custom/None

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