Within the Textile and Nonwovens industry, AFC's fabrics and belting are utilized as a process aid in various applications. The high temperature resistivity, long lasting durability, and smooth non-stick surface are ideal for multiple applications in this industry. Some of these applications include textile drying, textile thermal fusing, and the thermal bonding of nonwovens.

AFC works together with companies that are frustrated with inconsistent processes and the downtime caused by the need to untangle product caught in the machine.

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DuraFab® Anti-Static Fabrics

DuraFab® Anti-Static Fabrics are formulated to dissipate surface static build-up during any processes it is used in. The fabric is coupled with a premium top...more

DuraFab® Kevlar Fabrics

DuraFab® Kevlar® Fabrics are AFC's best option for any heavy duty application where extreme strength, high loading, and long wear life is required. The Kevlar®...more

DuraSil® Silicone Fabrics

DuraSil® Silicone Fabrics are our most conformable, flexible, and wear resistant products. They are coated on one or both sides of the fabric with silicone...more

DuraFlow® Mesh Fabrics

DuraFlow® Mesh Fabrics are known for their exceptional performance in a wide variety of applications. Our proprietary coating formula has created a mesh that is...more

DuraFlow® Hydro Mesh

AFC's DuraFlow® Hydro Mesh is the ideal material for applications that are exposed to significant moisture, grease, and oil levels. This thermoplastic mesh possesses high...more