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Policarta Policarta #ShowTheCertificate Website Launched

Date April 2021 • in Press Releases

16 April 2021—Words like sustainable, compostable, and recyclable are often misused, leaving customers and producers confused about their real environmental footprint. To prove the recyclability of our products, Policarta Policarta launched the website.

Sistema Aticelca in Italy and Western Michigan University rigorously tested Now Plastic Free Packaging and certified the packaging as recyclable. The documents certifying the recyclability of Now packaging are available for download on the new site.

Stefano Giusti, GM at Policarta, stated: “We are happy to share this information with the world and provide the documentation that confirms our Now Plastic Free Packaging is certified recyclable.” also has the results of two Italian studies comparing the shelf life of produce packaged in Now Plastic Free Packaging vs plastic and other packaging. The Carrot and Potato Testing studies are both available for download in Italian. Spoiler: Now packaging was able to increase produce shelf life in several instances.

Mike Baker, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, noted, “Our North Star Vision of Bigger. Better. Faster. is the watermark for all of AFC’s divisions. In making our customer the hero with this innovative packaging technology, we also benefit all our internal stakeholders as well.”

Look for the new Cheesy Melt that utilizes Policarta Policarta’s Oven2Go bags at Subway restaurants.

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