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AFC Materials Group Acquires Policarta

Date February 2021 • in Press Releases

Policarta Policarta
Policarta Policarta

4 February 2021--AFC Materials Group is pleased to announce the finalization of its acquisition of Policarta, a 6th generation paper converter based in the Lazio region of Italy.

With an eye to the future of, AFC Materials Group and Policarta identified the potential for bringing sustainable packaging to the industries that are looking to embrace this model including produce, confections, coffee, pasta, dry pet food, and others.

"The world needs a sustainable, recyclable solution to packaging produce while still maintaining integrity and safety," said Mike Baker, AFC's Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. "We wanted to provide a product that was fully printable and customizable, worked in vertical and horizontal flow wrappers, paper-based and plastic-free, but protected produce from sunlight and humidity. This acquisition allows us to meet our four pillars of Customer Success by serving those markets with the best product available: NOW plastic free packaging."

NOW No Waste Paper Packaging has passed the rigorous testing standards of Western Michigan University's Old Corrugated Container Equivalency protocol for recyclability as well as Sistema Aticelca 501-19--the lab method of which will be used to help define the harmonized scope for recyclability in the EU by CEPI (Confederation of European Paper Industries).

Stefano Giusti, VP of Global Packaging and GM at Policarta stated, "We are pleased to be part of the AFC family. Our technology and AFC's resources will allow us to support customers globally with sustainable packaging. Remember," he added, "when someone tells you their packaging is recyclable, ask to see the certification."

Chris Lewis, President of AFC Materials Group, stated, "The acquisition of Policarta allows AFC to meet our goals of Bigger-Better-Faster by strategically serving these growing markets with a sustainable solution of certified recyclability. ... Regarding the division name, we wanted to keep the Policarta identity along with our own as a way of honoring the past and maintaining the brand loyalty that is so strong with Policarta's existing customers."

With NOW plastic free packaging, every one of our stake holders has the freedom to design packaging that works for them and for the environment. A true circular economy. But that isn't the only innovative product coming out of Policarta. ChefPack and Oven2Go paper packaging, both part of the Cook and Protect line of packaging solutions, offer ovenable, tamper-evident packaging for use in QSRs and C-Stores.

"What's great about ChefPack is that it can go from frozen to slack to a rapid cook oven without ever leaving the bag," said Mike Baker. "Think about that. You won't ever have to wonder if someone else has handled your food. This is a great innovation for safe food handling."

Stefano Giusti added, "Both Oven2Go and ChefPack are able to see temperatures of 520ºF in these accelerated ovens. They're designed to keep the food tasting great--no soggy bread, no cold spots. Your panini or breakfast sandwich stays crispy on the outside, but at the same time, everything cooks. No frozen middle."

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