Date April 2021 • in Press Releases

31 March 2021—Lake in the Hills, IL—The first quarter of the year was eventful for AFC Materials Group. We continue to partner with our clients to create solutions that fit their needs and help them achieve their goals.

In the first quarter, shipments are running at 12-15% over plan. Mike Baker, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, said, “Our North Star Vision of Bigger. Better. Faster. is the benchmark for all of AFC. These shipping numbers reflect that. In making our customers the hero, we also benefit all our internal stakeholders as well.”

AFC successfully launched our laminate business. Chris Lewis, President of AFC, said, “The AFC Laminated Products business is a great addition to our product mix. The business creates products with exceptional durability, helping our clients’ bottom line.”

Also, in the first quarter, AFC brought on 10 operations employees. Woody Swift, Chief Operations Offers for AFC, stated, “Expanding our employee base allows us to put the customer first and make them the hero. The right staffing is a key component to our Bigger. Better. Faster. initiative.”

AFC’s Continuous Improvement Teams made great strides in both the Coating and Industrial Fabrication Departments. John Langland, Coating/Converting Supervisor for AFC said, “Our Continuous Improvement team helped us deliver the quality our customers depend on.” Paul Mueller, Fabrication Supervisor for AFC, added, “Their efforts really helped us become true partners with our clients.”

Thanks to everyone who helped contribute to our successes in the first quarter. On to the second quarter! Bigger. Better. Faster.

AFC is a global provider of high-temperature and non-stick solutions. Since 1988, we have focused on partnering with end users, distributors, and OEMs to solve their greatest production challenges. As a turnkey manufacturer, our capabilities include coating, converting, and fabrication of composite materials engineered for the most demanding applications. AFC is based in Lake in the Hills, Illinois, with locations in Vermont, Mexico, and Italy.

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